Ever wonder why no one has been unanimously elected into the Hall of Fame. Does it confuse you when 26 people leave Greg Maddux off the ballot? Things like that happen because the world is full of assholes.

Last week noted asshole Keith Olberman decided to share his opinions of Derek Jeter. But before he spoke he collaborated with some writers, editors and producers. He put on a nice suit, fixed his hair and got his make up done. Then a group of professionals made sure his lighting and audio was perfect. Once all that was in place he began lambasting a close to perfect athlete for not being perfect.

Apparently Olberman was sick of the farewell tour, to which I would say, “ Why the hell are you watching the Yankees? Didn’t anyone tell you the Royals were good? Poetically all the Jeter truther’s missed out when he provided us with the best theatre MLB has seen this season.

After blathering on for a few minutes Olberman signed off his rant with something that sounded like “Yeeh Jetes.” I’m not sure if he improvised this or if the teleprompter malfunctioned. Either way it was awkward and makes me cringe just thinking about it.

It’s too bad Olbermans career wasn’t as consistent as Jeter’s maybe I’d give a shit what he has to say. Let’s all hope he raps up the “pretending to be mad as hell “ portion of his career as soon as possible.

It’s interesting how Olberman got praise for his rant while fellow ESPN’er Bill Simmons got suspended for his comments. Simmons called Roger Goodell a liar during a spontaneous and completely honest rant.

On the other hand Olberman calculatingly built a case, twisted some statistics and spent 7 minutes dissecting one of the best and classiest athletes alive for no particular reason. Olberman also has a similar Goodell rant which went unpunished. If you were to put all three men to trial (Goodell, Simmons, Olberman) and presented all the evidence to an impartial judge, which of the three would you say deserved the suspension?

The man that tried to sweep another domestic violence incident under the rug.

The media member that tried to expose this.

The media member that made fun of and discredited a baseball player because the other media talks about him too much.

Who’s the bad guy in this group?


Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Even after watching another classic Jeter moment people will still remind you that he hasn’t actually had that many big moments, just more opportunities on the big stage. It’s sort of like saying the only reason Alec Baldwin has so many great SNL moments is because he’s been on it so many times. A replacement level actor would have been able to produce almost as many laughs.

Last week’s walk off hit reminded me of another recent Jeter highlight. The game in which he had his 3,000th hit. A national game on a summer Saturday afternoon. He was 5 for 5 on the day with number 3000 being a HR off David Price.

Speaking of replacement players, WAR is one the stats brought up by Olberman. According to b-ref.com Jeter is 88th all time in WAR. Amongst position players (because it doesn’t make sense to compare pitchers), Jeter sits at 58th. If we take defence out Jeter climbs to 20th all time. That’s a SS who’s the 20th best all time hitter according to WAR.

Using WAR as your argument makes him a more valuable hitter than all time greats such as Reggie Jackson, Mike Schmidt, George Brett, Rod Carew, Joe DiMaggio, Pete Rose, Carl Yastrzemski and about 17,000 other people who have played the game.

What about his glove? Well if Jeter was as bad everyone says then I guess defence isn’t so important. Jeter finished with a .592 winning pct and took the Yankees to the playoffs in 16 of his 18 full seasons.


The Honus Wagner Defense

Apparently Honus Wagner is the greatest SS of all time. Keep in mind though that Wagner played at a time when Jeter would have been banned. Since Wagner retired there has been an alcohol ban, a depression, a world war, black integration, the Beatles, Latino integration, spaceflight, steroids, Japanese guys with 8 pitches and relievers throwing 100 mph.

As far I’m concerned everything that happened before WWII and Jackie Robinson is in a separate category. It’s impossible to deny that the talent pool from Wagners first year 1897 (Klondike gold rush) to his last 1917 (U.S. enters WWI) is considerably drier than it is now.

We’re told Wagner was a great defender but since he played before video cameras were invented we’ll never truly know. What we do know is that no one in 1900 was a great defender by today’s standards. Gloves were terrible, playing surfaces were uneven and it would have been impossible to field with the efficiency of a modern baseball player.

Seventy error seasons were commonplace in Wagner’s day. That’s not a total indictment on the skills of those players, just a statement about how much different the game was. Wagner was undoubtedly one the greatest players ever but he happened to be born 140 years ago. If that’s how far back you need to go to win a Jeter argument then you’ve lost the Jeter argument.


The Lord of the Rings

Championships. Jeter has 5. You cannot take these away from a player. Jeter was an enormous part of 7 teams that went to the World Series with 5 of those teams being victorious. Like it or not, great players are judged by championships and their level of play in those games. 5 rings cannot be fucked with.

Jeter is 1 ring behind Jordan. Tied with Magic. 1 ahead of Gretzky, Montana. 2 ahead of Brady, Bird.

Total combined championships between other great middle infielders Ernie Banks, Jeff Kent, Roger Hornsby, Wagner, Cal Ripken, A-Rod, Barry Larkin- 5

The GOAT Honus Wagner played in two World Series winning one.

He hit .275 with a .766 OPS in 15 playoff games(all World Series). Far below the .328 and .858 he put up in his career.

Jeter .310/.817 career, .308/.817 in 158 playoff games

98 World Series .353/.803

99 World Series .353/.801

00 World Series .409/1.344

09 World Series .407/.947

One of them performed better in the most important games of the year against elite competition. Either Jeter is clutch or Wagner is a choke artist.

I guess we could assume that if we gave them both 1000 playoff AB that Wagner would prove to be the better statistical player. And I’ll assume that I would have produced classic SNL moments if I were only given ample stage time.




Many of you may have heard of a book/web series called When we Were Bouncers by Paul Lazenby. It’s a great idea for a book and a great read. Since I’m new to punchdrunksports I thought I’d tell you a little more about myself with a story from when I was a bouncer. I only did it for one year and it was at a gay bar. It’s way better than it sounds. There are never any fights and every straight girl that walks in hits on you. There was only one notable incident the whole year and it involved Donald Sterling’ son. Here’s my story I hope you enjoy it.


I moved to L.A. from Toronto back in 2006. I didn’t know anyone and the only job I could get was doorman at a little club on Santa Monica Blvd. For those of you not familiar with Santa Monica Blvd/West Hollywood, the bars have names like Rage and Hamburger Marys and the police cars have rainbows on them.

One slow night an asshole walks in. Middle aged, dark hair, well dressed, looks like he just left a Botox session. He yells a drink order at the waiter, sits down, puts his feet up on a coffee table and knocks a glass over in the process. I politely ask him to take his shoes off the table. He responds with a “go fuck yourself!” Now the owner of this place was always scared of being sued and he was adamant that I don’t get into any altercations.

My first instinct is to physically remove him but as per orders I find my boss to ask how to proceed. One of the staff informs us that the asshole is the son of Donald Sterling. He’s a regular on the Santa Monica strip and is generally known to be a dickhead. I walk back over with my boss who himself asks Sterling Jr. to take his feet off the table. As you may have guessed, Sterling Jr. responds with a “go fuck yourself!”

My boss looks at me, grabs him by the collar and we both drag him outside. This didn’t go well. The best way to describe the scene would be to imagine a parent dragging an unwilling 8 year old off a playground. There was kicking, screaming and plenty of obscenities. Once outside Junior directs his rage at me. There is now 5 or 6 staff that has gathered trying to get rid of him. Junior then spits directly in my face and runs away.

I’ve been hit in the head with bottles but never had a grown man spit in my face. The feeling of spit going into my eye’s was in a lot of ways worse than a bottle. The staff kept me from attacking him while he ran down the street but to be honest my first reaction was not to run after him but to run to the bathroom to wash the spit out of my eye.

About 20 minutes later this scumbag comes back. My boss reminds me not to touch him and says he’ll handle it. Junior Sterling is now screaming at my boss about 3 feet from his face. It becomes obvious to me that this is going to end with another spitting incident. I stand behind my boss’ shoulder in a good stance with my right hand literally cocked back. At this point I could care less about losing my $11 an hour job.

On cue he steps up and spits in my managers face. I throw a straight right unfortunately he’s started to back up already. This is probably not the first time someone has tried to hit him, he seems to have some evasive maneuvers. I catch him at the end of my punch; I can actually feel his nose on my knuckles as he’s stepping back. He turns, sprints down the street and we never see him again.

That incident always bugged me. It was stunning to see a grown man act that way. I would envision running into him on the street somewhere but the events of the last couple months are a much better conclusion then I could have imagined. Having his father and family name be spit on by the world is much better than anything I could have dished out.


MLB Stats recap

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An underwhelming MLB season is crawling to a close. It seems like it’s been a quiet season but pennant races and playoffs should be great. The major storyline for me this season is the domination of pitchers. Or that hitting has been terrible. Depends how you look at it. Let’s take a closer look at what’s been an historically bad offensive/great pitching season.

MLB Batting AVG is sitting at an abysmal .252. This is the lowest its been since 1972. There was a stretch in the 1960’s when averages dipped into the .250’s otherwise this is lowest it’s been in modern history.

You might think that batters have changed their approach to emphasis OBP instead of average but that’s not happening. OBP and walks are also hovering at all time lows. This year will also see the least amount of intentional walks since they started recording them in 1955.

Runs- lowest since 1981. HR- lowest since 1992. Strikeouts-highest ever.

Justin Morneau is the current leader in the NL batting race with a .316 AVG.

That would be the lowest winning total since Tony Gwynn mailed in a .313 back in 1988.

Gwynn hit better than .316 sixteen different times in his career.

This would be the 9th batting title for the Rockies in their 22 season history.(Walker3,Gallaraga,Helton,Holiday,Gonzalez,Cuddyer)

In the A.L. Jose Altuve is looking to become the first Astro to win a batting title in their 53 season history.

What about small ball? Are teams trying to manufacture runs? Nope.

Stolen bases- 5th lowest over the last 40 years. Sacrifice Hits- lowest ever

Defense has been great though. Teams are committing the 3rd lowest errors per game in history. Defense has been getting progressively better since the inception of the sport. The last ten years have produced the ten best defensive seasons ever.

On the mound we’re seeing some amazing performances. Pitchers will set the record the most K’s ever in a baseball season. This is the 7th consecutive year strikeouts have broken a record high.


Walks- lowest since 1968 (the season before the mound was raised)

Control is getting better yet HBP remain at all time highs and have been trending upward since the 1940’s

One pitcher having an amazing year in the control department is Phil Hughes. He is currently posting the greatest K/BB ratio of all time. Although he has company. Three other current pitchers are putting up historic numbers in this category.

Hughes- 11 K/BB (T-1st all time)

Iwakuma- 9.4 (7th)

Kershaw- 8.1 (15th)

Price- 7.4 (22nd)

Speaking of Kershaw. He is in the midst of an all time great stretch. Kershaw’s career ERA of 2.49 is exactly half a run better than the next closest person. (Wainwright 3.09) He’s set to post the lowest WHIP and ERA in baseball for the 4th consecutive year.

The last player to to win at least 4 straight N.L. or A.L. ERA titles was another Dodger lefty-Sandy Koufax. (Koufax won 5 straight from 1962-66)

The only other player with at least 4 straight ERA titles. Lefty Grove. Lefty won 9 in total. There was a 6 season stretch in which someone named Lefty won the ERA title. From 1934 to 1939 Lefty Gomez won 2 titles while Grove had 4.

The only other players with at least 3 straight -Roger Clemens and Greg Maddux. (both right handers)



In case you missed it, LeBron has come back to the shores of Lake Erie. The King’s return is expected to bring untold wealth to the region. His caravan finally arrived last week teeming with staff, exotic animals and spices from far away regions. But Cleveland isn’t the only great lakes city in the NBA expected to prosper. Chicago and Toronto are also poised for greatness in a weak but improving Eastern Conference. With the exception of Washington (who is also on rise but didn’t fit my geographic portfolio), expect these three teams to fight for the no.1 seed.

The inclusion of Toronto may seem laughable but a closer look at the conference shows just how probably this outcome is. In fact I’m calling it now.

The 2014/15 Eastern Conference regular season champions- Toronto Raptors. Might as well print the T shirts now. Of course regular season championship shirts don’t have the luster of a Finals shirt but Im not willing to spend that $20 yet. This team is not ready to win a Finals with the current roster, but a regular season title is a different animal. A few points to remember about the East.

• Division winners get a guaranteed top 4 slot. Unless you think the Knicks or Nets have improved significantly than Toronto is going to win the Atlantic. Odds are Toronto/Washington end up with 2 of the top 4 spots.

• Every team gets to play Orl, Det, Phi, Bos, Mil a combined 20 times. There will be some inflated records. The Paul George injury could put the Pacers in this group but I think they scrap together a respectable season.

• Resting your veterans for the playoffs and jockeying for position has become commonplace in the East. Having the right path to the Finals has become more important than going all out for the 1 seed. You can count on anyone with injuries or age concerns punting some regular season games for the sake of a healthy playoff squad.

Here’s my biased (but not out of the question) guess of how the east plays out.

Out Of The Playoffs

Det, Orl, Phil, Mil, Bos- I think SVG gets the Pistons going eventually but it could be a year or two before they join the Great Lakes party.

In the Hunt

NYKnicks- You could talk me into the Knicks for one of the 6-8 spots. They may score 110 ppg and Carmelo could lead the league in scoring but also may be an all time bad defensive team.

Indiana- I had the Pacers in the upper half of the conference before the George injury. I can’t imagine they do anything more than .500 ball without George and Lance. There is potential of dealing Hibbert and blowing up the season. I could see them winning anywhere from 20-40 games.


8. Charlotte(42-44 wins)- This will be a difficult match up for anyone. Could rise as high as the 5 seed. If he can get his shit together PJ Hairston could have a big impact.

7. Brooklyn(42-44)-Despite the changes and constant distraction Johnson,Williams and Lopez are talented enough to be a playoff team.

6. Atlanta(44-46)-Was rolling until the Horford injury last year. Have some FA decisions to make with Millsap and Horford but could be a sneaky good team.

5.Miami(45-48)-Bosh comes into the year with a chip on his shoulder. He won 47 games as the #1 guy with Toronto. I think he, Wade and Deng should be good enough for a workmanlike 45 wins.

4.Washington(48-52)-Had a nice off season. If it werent for the ages of some key players (Nene, Gortat, Pierce) i’d have them higher. If Beal and Wall continue to improve this is a perennial contender.

3.Chicago(48-52)-60+ wins is in play. Noah will be 30 coming off knee surgery and a career high in minutes played. I think him and Rose will be held back enough that 50ish wins is more likely.

2.Cleveland(53-58)-I could also see 60+ wins. I’m discounting the total because I’m expecting an adjustment period with new coach and players. Also at some point LeBron’s minutes will have to monitored. He’s going into his 12th year and played 87 playoff games the last 4 years.

1.Toronto(53-58)-It sounds crazy but it’s not. This is not your older brothers Raptors. They brought back the same roster that won 48 games and replaced Steve Novak and John Salmons with Lou Williams and James “Bloodsport” Johnson.

Dont believe me?

Consider this:

They were 42-22(.656) after the Rudy Gay trade. That’s a 54 win pace.

They play defence. Last year they were 7th in the league in points allowed.

They have two potential all stars. DeRozen became an all star last year and is quietly impressing at Team U.S.A. camp. Kyle Lowry was arguably the best point gaurd in the East and could have been an all star.

They have a 22 year legit 7 footer showing steady improvement and a 23 year old super athlete on the wing that can shoot the 3. Jonas Valancuinas and Terrence Ross’ development is crucial to them taking the next step.

They have assets. The team is loaded with cap friendly contracts, trade bait and 3 first round picks the next two years. Lowry is the 41st highest paid player in the NBA, Derozen(56) and the lunch bucket Amir Johnson(89). Every else is expiring (Fields, Williams) or short term (Vasquez, Patterson)

They have a G.M. who has pulled off seemingly impossible trades involving Carmelo, Bargnani and Rudy Gay. He is also prone to doing things like this

and this

They are hosting the 2016 All Star Game. I know it’s a season away but ownership wants to be well represented. Don’t underestimate the possibility of trading for or signing a big name player.

Basketball Canada is headquartered in Toronto. This should not be overlooked. The Raptors have been helping to develop Canadian players for years. With 2-3 new ones being drafted every year it won’t be long before Toronto has its “I’m coming home” moment.

Then there is this guy:


Anyone that thinks his involvement is a joke is wrong. I was at the arena for almost every game last season and have watched the team since their inception. Drake brought excitement, clout and celebrity to a city that was begging for it. It may not have been a destination for players in the past but times are changing.

At the moment Vegas has Toronto at 30-1 to come out of the Eastern playoffs. That’s a value bet as far as I’m concerned. It’s a leap to suggest that the Raptors are ready for that level but key injury to any of the top 5 teams plus a little regular season luck and Toronto (or Washington) could be bound for a 1 seed. All of this is obviously my best case scenario but no matter how you break it down, the Great Lakes region hasn’t shown this much promise since the fur trade.

One Month Diet

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“Mom, what are we eating for Sunmeal?”

-No one ever


Have you wondered whether a certain diet works? I’m here to tell you that they all work. As long as the diet is based somewhat on eating whole foods and/or reduced calories, it will work. For at least a month.

The body responds in amazing ways to a changing stimulus. Eating is no different from exercise, you need to periodically change the focus. You can affect change just by altering frequencies and portions of meals on a semi regular basis. It will give your body a kick-start any time things get stagnant.

I constantly try to recommend month-long diets. They are the best bang for your buck. Short enough time frame to commit to, long enough to have an impact. The type of diet you pick or try isn’t even that important. Have a purpose for a month, stick to it and you will see results.

This is a diet I came up with based on my past eating habits. There are 3 specific things i’ve done that are combined into this diet.

1. Monday Cleanse. For most of my 20’s i would pig out and drink all weekend. So I would eat nothing but fruits, veggies, water and a protein shake. Tuesday I would continue with regular scheduled eating.

2. Theme Weeks. A couple of years ago I had a stretch of 60-70 hour work weeks. Cooking became such a burden, I had to simplify it. I came up with weekly themes. There were steak weeks, pork weeks, pasta weeks. I even had a pierogie week. I would basically pick a main course, make a giant batch of it on Sun and eat it til Tue. Then repeat for Tue-Fri. I loved the ease of this diet. I didn’t need to think about it.

3. Intermittent Fasting. Last year I lost 16 lbs. in two weeks for a bench press competition. One of the main components of my diet was skipping meals. A few days per week I had only 2 meals per day. (I loved this approach and will write more on it in the future.)

This diet is meant to be as simple as possible. From Sun night to Thu aft you follow the diet. Only two meals per day during that stretch. There is a Sunday meal and a Tuesday meal. Let’s call them Sunmeal and Tuemeal. Sunday night, twice on Monday and once on Tuesday you eat nothing but Sunmeal. Ditto for Tuemeal. Thursday dinner time you’re free to eat as you please for the weekend.  Eat well but don’t abuse it.

The times of day you eat and the quantity of food are up to you.

Fish can be substituted for any of the proteins.

Some but not all of the meals are set up to be cooked in one sitting.

There will be long stretches without food suck it up it’s only for a few days.

Sunmeal acts as a cleanse post weekend. All Sunmeals contain generous amounts of vegetables and no meat.

Tuemeal is loaded with meat/protein and carbs.

The diet cycle carbs on/off throughout as well as providing heavy doses of nutrient dense foods.

Week 1

Sunmeal: Vegetable Soup

Notes: Any soup full of veggies is appropriate here.

Tuemeal: Chicken Thighs, Rice, Avocado

Notes: Thighs are better as leftovers, hold more flavor

Week 2

Sunmeal: Veggie Chili

Notes: Here’s my basic chilli recipe. Omit the beef and add different types of beans.

Tuemeal: Bacon and Eggs

Notes: 3 eggs per meal, 12 total during Tuemeal (yolks included). Bacon can be omitted from 1 or 2 meals. All toppings are acceptable in omelette but limited or no cheese.

Week 3

Sunmeal: Salad

Notes: You’re going to buy a grocery bag full of produce and make a salad for all 4 meals. Kale, spinach, beets are highly recommended. No store-bought dressing. Oil, balsamic, lemon, salt , pepper, herbs is a good base to make your own dressing.

Tuemeal: Beef, Sweet Potato, Veggie of choice.

Notes: Any type of beef will do. The sweet potato is important, don’t’ substitute.

Week 4

Sunmeal: Protein shakes and Berry bowls

Notes: the feature ingredients of both these should be berries, banana’s, nuts, almonds, chia, yogurt.  Fruits, nuts , seeds et al. Eat both as often as you like.


Tuemeal: Puttanesca Pasta

Notes: You’re favourite pasta would be fine provided it is meat free. This is an easy one that is one of my favourites.

This diet will cycle carbs on and off and provide heavy doses of nutrient dense food. It will ensure that a minimum 80% of your food is prepared by you using only whole foods. The infrequent meals (2 a day) will also ensure to reduce calories as well as lengthening the time your body has for digestion.

As with most diets it’s not as crucial to be perfect as it is to maintain the spirit of prescribed diet. If you falter get back on track til the end of the month.

Email for help, questions or different meal suggestions.



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Most people have trouble finding time to stretch, no one wants to stay at the gym longer to get it done. The best approach for me has been to stretch throughout the day. Ill throw down a stretch anyplace anytime. I try to dedicate an entire workout to stretching every two weeks and will attend an occasional yoga class but the majority of my stretching happens as i go about my daily business.

The easiest way to do this is find a handful of stretches you like and/or feel good. Below is a few easy ones that should keep your whole body loose when done regularly. Just remember always use long deep breaths through the nose for every stretch.  Hold for 20-60 seconds.



Elbow Grab- point elbow up then gently pull over. Open your ribcage and keep armpits forward.



Forward Bend- pull hands down, shoulders back. Bend forward, relax and drop your head and hands.

Dancers Pose- reach forward with the arm and backward with the leg.


Knee to Chest/Hip Crossover- this is a combo, all variations will stretch your upper legs, hips and backside.

Groin/Cobbler’s Pose- try sliding your forearms under your calves and grabbing top of your feet.

Toe Touch- reach for your toes and/or bring your chest toward thighs by pulling under your legs.

Try to progress deeper into each stretch the more you do it. There aren’t too many bad stretches, if it feels good its probably effective.

“Hamstring exercises are the vegetables of the gym. The more you consume the healthier you’ll be.

This is step 3 of my beginner workout program. Step 1 and step 2 can be seen here and here.

In this phase our focus will be to increase general strength. Workouts are split into lower and upper. The goal is to increase strength in 4 specific exercises- Squats, Deadlifts, Overhead Press, Back Row. Any other exercises can be added but should only serve to compliment the above 4.

Aim for 3-5 workouts per week. If you have a week with only 2 or 3 then the following week should be 4 or 5. Momentum and consistency is crucial for any exercise program.

Warm Up

By this point you should start to understand what you need to do to prepare for a workout. Any areas that are tight need to be addressed. Constantly work on mobility.


(always begin with bodyweight lunges and squats if they weren’t performed in the warm up).

Squats- Barbell 6 sets of 10

I’m using 6 sets because I find it takes a set or two of squats before my legs really start firing. If you have to use dumbbells that’s fine but you will eventually outgrow them.

Deadlifts-Barbell 4 sets of 8

Same thing applies here with dumb bells. They are fine in the beginning but you should eventually move to a barbell.

Dead lifts and Squats Disclaimer: You should consult with a trainer and/or watch videos before performing these. They are very safe but it will only benefit you to make sure you’re doing them properly.

My general thoughts on lifting techniques are to not get paralyzed by form. It could take years or a lifetime to perfect your form in certain lifts. Don’t stress about being perfect. Start light, listen to your body and always look to make subtle improvements.

Here’s a thorough breakdown of the dead lift with instructions and options.

Hamstring Curls 4 sets of 12

Any and every hamstring exercise you can think of would suffice here.


(any form of push ups , dips or pull ups would be a great before hitting the weights)

Dumbbell Back Row 4 sets of 10

Keep a flat back. Squeeze your shoulder blades at the top of the movement. Concentrate on the path of your elbow rather than the path of your hand. It will take time to get the form right but these are one of the most versatile and beneficial back exercises you can do.

Single Arm Overhead Dumbbell Press 4 sets of 10

This is an old strongman exercise but is beneficial to anyone. Keep your mid section tight and have constant tension thru your body while performing this.


Curls and Pressdowns 3 sets of 12 each

Dumbbell or Barbell is fine for curls. Rope or angled bar is fine for pressdowns.


Notes: Once you can complete prescribed sets and reps of a certain exercise increase weight by 5-10%. Feel free to add anything you like but have a sole focus of getting stronger in the 4 main lifts. Cardio, Abs, Stretching can and should be added to the end of the workout.

I’m dipping back into the notebook for a diagram about changing your diet and exercise program. Your body will always get used to doing the same thing, here’s a few ways to shake it up. Excuse the penmanship these are unedited late night scribblings. This was from November 2013.


Lets take a closer look. I broke it into three categories: exercise, food and eating. Changing the way you eat is crucial to losing weight and maintaining it.


Meal size is self explanatory. Meal frequency and eating times can be considered the same thing. Here’s some ways to change both.

Intermittent fasting, skip a meal every other day, have longer periods between meals, delay your breakfast, eat before bed.

Don’t be scared to shake it up. I’ve eaten before bed my entire life. As long as you are exercising regularly this won’t be an issue. In a fact a big carb meal before bed is beneficial the day before a big workout.

Delaying breakfast is also one of the more beneficial things i’ve picked up over the last few years. Wake up have some water, coffee, tea and wait a 1-3 hours before eating. It may sound counter productive but it works. Don’t just jam food down your throat because your out of shape doctor told you it was important. Try it a couple times per week, its easier than you think.



Changing the types of food you eat. Try new fruits and vegetables, ethnic and exotic foods. Set small goals like no dairy for a week or month. Vegetarian for a week. Paleo for a month. Every diet or eating program that i’ve followed diligently for a month has worked. Even if the diet you decide upon isn’t perfect, your body will respond to the new stimulus.

Next up is exercise.


Change speed- I see so many people going thru their sets and workouts at the same pace. Try having strength/speed splits. One day fast, one day heavy. Increase or decrease tempo of repetitions.

Try a workout program- there are plenty of tried and true workout programs. Find one online, in a magazine and stick to it for 1-3 months.

No weights- Give your body a break every once in a while. Spend a week or month doing bodyweight exercises.

Sport or Jog- join a team, learn a new sport, start jogging or running sprints.


A lot of people jog, no one seems to sprint. There’s tremendous benefits to long distance running but if you want to shed fat, build physique and become a better athlete you need to sprint. I can appreciate some aspects of long distance running but i am a little lazy. What would you rather do: 100m for 15 sec or 5k for 30 min?

A big problem I have with a lot of clients is their inability to sprint. If you haven’t played a sport in the last 10+ years you’re running experience has probably been on a treadmill or a jog outside. Rarely do people develop a top end speed. Most people have 2 speeds. Jogging and running. Learning to sprint will have a significant impact regardless of your fitness goals.

When I start a running program with clients the first thing i emphasis is to understand what it feels like to run at 50%(comfortable jog) and 100%(all out sprint). It’s important for training purposes that you can distinguish the difference between jogging, running and sprinting. I want my runners to have multiple gears. At the minimum you should understand:

Jog 50%

Run 70%

Sprint 90%

Ben Johnson 100%

The principles i use for running are no different from weights. I’m training mainly in the 70-90% range and building towards a whole body explosive movement. Every muscle is involved in achieving a top speed and the ability to sustain it. I reserve 100% speed for only a few occasions. Mechanics and technique are paramount to get to a top speed. The chance of injury (for old guys anyway) goes up. Don’t be reckless, stay composed, run controlled.

I usually pick a new distance to work every year from 40m -400m. Pick one that works for you and your body type. The 400m usually works for everyone and is the easiest distance to measure and track.

Here’s a sample track workout using 400m

Warm up is half the workout, do not skip this!

1. Slow 400m jog. I want you to be ultra slow. Clear your head, get some blood flowing, shake out your limbs.

2. Calisthenics. You cannot do enough of these. Hip swings, shoulder rotations, lunges, twists, toe touches, whatever you can think of to help loosen up.

3. Dynamic Warm Up. Pick a distance 10-40m. High Knees, Kickbacks, side to side shuffle, skips, hops, karaoke and/or anything you can think of. Here’s a few more examples courtesy of the Kenyan track team.

4. Short Sprints. Pick a distance around 60m. Perform 6-8 sprints at around 60% speed. Work on mechanics, lengthening stride, proper arm swing etc.

5. Long Sprints. Start extending your distance. 2- 100m sprint, 2- 200m sprint. Get up to about 70-80% speed. Save your energy for the 400m. Use these distances to build endurance. Try to maintain higher speeds for longer durations.

6. 3x400m sprints. Time the first run. Don’t go overboard, run at a pace that you know you can sustain for the whole run. We’re going to now divide the run into splits, let’s say you ran 1min 30sec. Thats 45sec 200m, 22.5/100. Repeat the run again and aim to better that time. Keep track of your time during the splits, stay under the pace and make sure to have some reserve speed if you need it in the last 100m. Take a rest and run one last lap the same speed as lap 1 (1m30s).

7. Stretch. This is static stretching. Pick a few stretches. Hold for 10-60sec. Breathe Deep.



Notes: You need to strategize during the 400m, it is very hard to sprint for 400m. Expect it to take a full summer before you’re able to. Don’t overexert yourself or attempt to run 100% until you’re physically and mentally ready to do so. Drink lots of fluids and have fun.

Periodization- what does it mean? Trainers and gym’s always stress this to new clients. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. Here’s my simplified definition. You have to change up your workout to continue to see results. Here’s three rules to remember:

-always be progressing

-always take a step back every few weeks

-always change the focus every few months



I change my training protocol a few times a year. It ensures I’ll never get stagnant. Follow my splits, I’ve been using them for years and they work great.

(I take a couple of weeks off every year in August and December, my workout year starts in September)

September– back after a light month. Lots of warm up and mobility drills. Bodyweight squats, pull ups, push ups, tons of abs. Basic weights, squats, dead lift, hamstring curls, glute ham raises, cable/dumbbell rows, shoulder press. Sets of 10-12 reps.

Purpose-Wake up my muscles, hit the entire body, lots of movements, light weights. Get my hamstrings and abs ready for heavy lifting. Half the time spent in the gym is without weights.

October-December– this is the start of my lifting season. I’ll lift heavy into the spring with a break over Christmas. I usually pick about 3-4 exercises to hit hard. Squats and Dead lifts are always among them as well as some form of press (bench or overhead) and a row. Sets are 8 reps or less. Working toward 1 rep max.

Purpose- Get stronger, prefect technique and constantly push higher in weight. My goal is usually to get the strength back I had in the spring. I always take the last two weeks of December off. Your body gets pretty taxed by constantly maxing out on weights. This becomes a feeding and resting period.

January-March– Second part of my lifting season. I’ll usually narrow my focus to two heavy lifts. The other lifts i’ll maintain but at a lower weight. Last year I choose dead lifts and bench press. I’ll alternate between heavy and light workouts. Trying a one rep max about once a week for each lift.

Purpose- Get stronger than I was last winter. All my training is dedicated to 1 repetition of a specific explosive movement. Sets are 1-5 reps with lots of rest. I attempt to hit a personal highs. Not having this type of purpose in your training is the biggest mistake most people make.

April-May-coming out of my lifting season i try get more mobile and flexible. I do a lot of kettle bells, skipping, jumping, lunges, running drills. I still continue to maintain some lifts like squats but at med-heavy weight. Minimal rest between sets and exercises.

Purpose-Get ready to run and play outdoor sports. Cardio needs to build up as well as muscular endurance. Kettle bells are the best for all body conditioning.

June-July– sprinting, sports, bodyweight exercises, park workouts. Ill play any sport I can. My sprinting is done either in a field or on a track. I may go into the gym once a week but i’m just maintaining. Light weights 8-12 reps.

Purpose- get faster, test out the muscles I spent the winter building. I start easy with the sprints but just like weights i work up to one max effort sprint. 100m, 200m and 400m are my usual distances.

August– this is a rest month. If you just spent the 11 months exercises your body and brain are going to need to rest. Ill do a few light workouts but there have been years that I’ve done nothing. This is a productive rest period, this rest will help you over the winter.